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Infty Project
Research Project on Mathematical Information Processing
Mathematical Document Recognition and Analysis, User Interface,Accessibility of Scientific Documents


1. InftyEditor's iconInftyEditor Ver.3.31b (July 31, 2023) new ---  (free)

InftyEditor is an authoring tool of mathematical documents, very easy and smooth to input mathematical expressions.

  • You can input any math expressions keeping your hand on the HOME Position of your keyboard.
  • The input math expressions are displayed immediately in the form of printing style as you usually see in books.
  • InftyEditor has a strong Online Help of command names or syntax to input math expressions based on LaTeX. Thus, InftyEditor can be used also as a Learning Tool of LaTeX, for the beginners of LaTeX.
  • The documents written in InftyEditor can be saved in different formats: LaTeX, MathML, PDF, Microsoft Word 2007 and Human Readable TeX for the blinds.
  • If InftyReader(see below) is installed in your PC, you can input texts and math expressions from printed document via scanner into InftyEditor directly.

As for more detail, please see InftyEditor Manual, and the list of symboles usable in InftyEditor.

To download the package file, please click the following:

2InftyReader's icon InftyReader Ver. (June 10, 2023) new --- (Product version)

InftyReader recognizes scanned images of printed scientific documents including Math formulae, an outputs the recognition results in various formats: XML format for InftyEditor, LaTeX, MathML, Human-Readable TeX for the blinds, etc.
Trial use of InftyReader is available with page number limit of 5 pages per day.
For more detail, please read: AboutInftyReader.txt.

You can see some output samples of recognition results : HERE.

To download InftyReader, please go to on the site of the Nonprofit Organaization Science Accessibility Net.

3.ChattyInfty's icon ChattyInfty Ver.2.31b (July 31, 2023) new --- (Product version)

ChattyInfty is an extended version of InftyEditor with a plug-in speech interface to output in voice the content of editing data by InftyEditor including math expressions, accordingly to the cursor movement.

ChattyInfty is usable for 15 days in total

Please note that, to use ChattyInfty, the Microsoft speech API, the version 5 (SAPI 5) should be installed in your PC in advance.
As for more detail, please read "About ChattyInfty.txt".
Users of the screen reader "JAWS"should read "For-JAWS-Users.txt" before using ChattyInfty.

To download the package file, please go to on the site of the Nonprofit Organaization Science Accessibility Net.

 4. LaTeX Install Kit Ver.3.0 (Jan. 21/2012) --- (free)

Using this installer, you can install all the packages of LaTeX required in InftyEditor's LaTeX functions.
For more detail, please see About TeXInstaller 3.0.
To download the package file, please click the following:

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